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Student, Educator, and School Success Stories

Empowering Students by Teaching Them How to Be Ready2Learn


Revere Public Schools uses The Connections Model's Ready2Learn Curriculum, a proactive social emotional learning program, to teach elementary students foundational SEL skills. Revere is dedicated to using SEL skill development as an effective way to increase academic outcomes, support students emotional well-being and overall student development.

Revere Massachusetts


“The App has made a huge difference in the lives of my students and my classroom. Working with kids who have emotional and behavioral issues can be challenging. As a teacher, I needed to find something to help them that could be easy, quick, and effective. KidConnect is student-driven, allowing kids to use it on their own to better understand their emotions, the factors that lead to their behaviors, and alternative ways to manage their emotions. I was amazed at how quickly the app made a noticeable and positive change in their behavior.”

Caroline B. 6th Grade Math Teacher, Somerville, MA


"It was straight forward on how to incorporate the KidConnect Ready2Learn curriculum into our existing classroom instruction. Each lesson is setup for educator and student success with lots of examples and teacher tips on how to make it an engaging experience. SEL has become one of our students' favorite subjects."

Principal Corbett C. Garfield Elementary


"One of the classes most impactful KidConnect Ready2Learn assignments was about Linking Emotions to Behaviors Using Literature. We studied "Giraffes Can't Dance" by Giles Andreae to explore the topic of resilience.  We explored the books and its characters looking for patterns to make the connection between events and emotions and emotions and behavior for the characters in the book. Linking literature is a great was to connect with students and helps to deliver engaging and relatable learning materials with explicit SEL instruction. This formula helped my students identify the emotions of the character throughout the story and understand how emotions drive our behaviors" 

Josephine K., 1st Grade Teacher

KidConnect SEL success

"It's been fun to see my students transfer knowledge of emotions from our SEL block to times throughout the day!" Emma L. 1st Grade Teacher

Emma L. 1st Grade Teacher

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