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Teach Your Students To Manage Their Emotions and They Will Learn

Understanding emotions is the first step in the ability to regulate emotions

We focus exclusively on emotions in the
Grade 1 Curriculum. This ensures that students understand what emotions are and how to name or label them. Only after they master the identification of emotions will they be able to learn to connect behavior to their emotions.


Try a lesson or two

We've shared the first lesson which introduces our Emotion Characters and allows you to get a baseline of your students' understanding of emotions.


We've also shared a fun whole class group lesson which gives students the chance to practice and apply the skills they are learning. 


First grade lessons focus on teaching students to identify their emotions while teaching all 5 SEL Core competencies. 

R2LG1SEL skills.JPG
Classroom lesson R2L image 1.jpg

"The KidConnect Curriculum is easy to use and my students really like it."

Massachusetts Elementary School Teacher

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