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Are there days you feel more like a counselor than a  teacher?

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KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum teaches your students

Emotional Regulation

THE MOST IMPORTANT skill they need to succeed in school and life.

Based on the science that emotions drive behavior, KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum provides teachers with the tools to help learners identify, understand and manage their emotions, which allows them to be in control of their behavior and engaged in learning.


This comprehensive curriculum is for whole-class instruction and includes lessons centered on the CASEL core SEL skills.

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Emotional Regulation is the foundation of ALL learning.

The KidConnect Read2Learn Curriculum was created to be taught as a single stand alone grade or ideally for all elementary school years. Each lesson is easy to teach and you can begin at any grade level.


Grade Levels are all based on the same core research but are designed to be developmentally appropriate for the different age groups with scope and sequence building as students advance through their elementary career. 

Grade 1 focuses exclusively on the ability to identify emotions and develops a solid baseline given the student age developmental level.

Grade 2 adds the important connection of emotions to behavior. It also introduces simple mindfulness lessons to students.

Grade 3 deepens the emotions-behavior connection and introduces the critical element of how to manage emotions using strategies.

Grade 4 adds additional lessons and practice to deepen the emotions-behavior-strategies connection.

Grade 5 is designed for upper elementary students who can learn about the emotions-behavior-strategies and mindfulness connection at a faster pace with greater peer interactions and independence.

Built for Educator and Student Success

Learn, Apply, & Practice

Each Lesson Includes:

  • Lesson Objective

  • Lesson Description

  • Required Materials & Time

  • CASEL Skill Area Development

  • Lesson Preparation

  • Lesson Directions

  • Look Ahead

  • Follow Up

  • Teacher Tips

  • SEL Teaching Best Practices

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Students learn to become their own emotional managers.

Teachers gain a classroom full of engaged and motivated students who are ready to learn.


Emotions Drive Behavior

Behavior management is a key goal of the entire KidConnect program. The positive skill-building approach ensures that it is never punitive and always focused on growth and equitable learning opportunities for all students.


Emotions Unit

Building an emotional vocabulary

by defining 16 common emotions and helping students reflect on past experiences to identify when certain feelings emerged across a variety of situations.


Behaviors Unit

Making connections between emotions and behaviors.

Students begin to build self-awareness and social awareness by working through a variety of group activities to practice identifying and controlling their reactions.


Strategies Unit

Learning strategies to manage emotions

and, in turn, drive more positive behaviors. Students work with each other through a variety of situations to identify off-target behaviors and provide tactics to move toward healthy, on-target actions.


Mindfulness Unit

Practicing a variety of strategies and mindfulness techniques

to help regulate emotions, increase self-esteem, and develop coping mechanisms that will help students gain control of their emotions and drive healthy behaviors in any circumstance.

Social Emotional Learning

Core Student Development

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Daily Development of  Fundamental SEL Skills

The Ready2Learn Curriculum is designed to integrate into educators’ everyday routines, so students not only learn new skills but can apply and practice them. It adds the element of regular SEL instruction for the entire class, with an emphasis on emotional skill-building to improve each student’s ability to manage emotions and behaviors.


This skill set will lay the foundation for students to achieve both self-awareness and social awareness, build healthy relationships, and make good decisions.

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Building and Practicing Skills in Real Time

Each unit is comprised of a variety of interactive, easy-to-use lesson plans and activities. KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum includes instructions for students to create an Classroom Emotional Planner, where together you can begin to record connections between their daily schedule and activities, along with the associated emotions and behaviors that occurred.

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