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The Connections Model and KidConnect Family of Products

Get Your Students to be Ready2Learn

Emotions Drive Behavior

Based on the science, and classroom experience, that emotions drive our behavior. KidConnect teaches students the fundamental SEL skills to succeed. When students are able to regulate their emotion, they can focus on learning.

Teacher and Young Student
School Application

KidConnect Ready2Learn SEL Curriculum

Students learn the critical skills to manage themselves. The curriculum scope and sequence explicitly teaches the foundational SEL skills students need. The program integrates into classroom routines so students apply SEL skills in real time, using real life situations.

KidConnect Classroom App

Students use when they are emotionally dysregulated or having behavior issues to make the connection between their emotions and their behaviors. Student-driven, the App helps students learn replacement strategies and build life skills to know what to do next time.

Family with Tablet
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