Behavior Management Tools To Use In The Moment

The first of its kind and unlike anything else available, KidConnect teaches students in the moment of an incident, new skills and strategies to manage their emotions and behaviors. These life skills enable them to regulate their emotions, modify their behavior and become Ready2Learn. Students gain emotional understanding, self management, and strategies to make good decisions in school, at home, and in life.








Tools to Teach In The Movement

Unlock Your Students' Potential

Students use KidConnect Classroom when they need help finding their emotional balance. A self-guided series of Q&As help students identify their underlying emotions driving their behavior. Most importantly, students learn new strategies to use when they're in similar situations or experiences. 

Student Benefits:

  • KidConnect In-The-Moment usage establishes new neural pathways creating lasting change.
  • Student driven and self-reflective focus elevates student's emotional self-awareness.
  • Suggested strategies and rewards reinforce new choices and behaviors.

Powerful Observation Tool for Educators

KidConnect Classroom develops educators' emotional detectives skills by identify situations and emotions that impact your students' behaviors. Educators Observations help facilitate sharing with team members and make spotting trends in students simpler and faster.

Teacher Benefits:

  • Easy to use, KidConnect seemlessly collects, organizes and analyzes student data on the Social Emotional habits of your students.
  • Use collected student data for report cards and parent conferences, and to track student growth.
  • Easy to implement and customize for your classroom and personalize for your students.





Rich Resources for Professional Development

Ideas, Tips, & Activities for Teaching Emotional Regulation

KidConnect Clubhouse is a included as part of the KidConnect Classroom Premium subscription, It is focused on integrating Teaching Emotional Regulation into your classroom and for your students. The KidConnect Team provides practical ideas, classroom exercises, and "How to Guides" for you to use. 

Topics and materials range from Classroom ready activities to discuss emotions to providing support for Special Education. Coming this summer is professional development on teaching emotional regulation. In short the goal is to help you get started and keep you going. Of course, we give you Tips, Best Practices, and more about using KidConnect.

Our goal is to make it simple for you to incorporate teaching emotional regulation into your school day. The KidConnect Team helps get your students to be Ready2Learn and you to succeed. 

KidConnect Clubhouse:

  • Classroom activities for class discussion, group and individual student assignments.
  • Summer Professional Development on teaching emotional regulation & SEL.
  • Explore and dive into the latest adolescent brain research and its relevance to education.
  • Link with a global community of teachers, specialist, and educators sharing and caring.


Fast, Simple and Easy to Do

Consistency Creates Lasting Behavior Change

KidConnect Communications is your personalized step-by-step email guide for teaching emotional regulation. Early emails focus on making your first few weeks using KidConnect seamless and productive -- simple setup directions. Fun activities that teach kids to understand their emotions and manage their behavior.

Each KidConnect Communications has a Big Idea and straightforward tasks to incorporate into your teaching day. The KidConect Team gives you and your students the information needed to learn to manage their own emotions and behaviors and improve their decision making. 


KidConnect Classroom is available globally through the Apple App Store.


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