KidConnect Calms Elementary Classroom

Nicole had a mix of students with different learning styles. Before using KidConnect a small handful of students occupied a disproportionate amount of her time but they continued to fall behind.

"My students liked using KidConnect," Nicole stated. "Working and understanding how they felt and what was really bugging them independently is huge. I wasn't sure they would use it or if it would work but it really does!"

Nicole J. 7th Grade Teacher. Illinios


KidConnect Benefits Special Needs Students

Caroline saw the difference KidConnect made after unsuccessfully trying several different behavior and incentive plans with one student who was severely hurting himself.  
“Now when he gets angry or frustrated, he takes deep breaths instead of hurting himself. He knows that if he gets angry, he has to calm down and reflect on what the real problem is,” Carlone explains. “This has not only benefited the classroom, it has truly benefited my student’s well-being.”

Caroline B. Special Education Teacher, Massachusetts


Rapid Improvement for Student Using KidConnect

Linda went to school each day to make a difference with her students. One boy, in particular, was having behavioral outbursts that were disrupting the class and resulting in him being removed from the classroom.
"I tried KidConnect at the end of the school year with one child, quite an extremely challenging student," Linda stated. "I was amazed the next week there was a noticeable change. Other teachers even commented on the difference in his behavior and attitude."

Linda C. 3rd Grade teacher, Texas