Emotions Drive Behavior

Fun Classroom Discussion 

Image a young child being woken up by a clap of thunder. As she gets up another lighetening bolt strikes quickly followed by the rumble of thunder. Excited, she runs to the window to see how close the storm is to her room.

For the girl in the story, the event is a thunderstorm, the emotion is excited, and the behavior is to run to the window to explore the storm.

Simply put, How we feel directs and literally Drives how we act

Thunder ⇒ Excitement ⇒ Run to window

This classroom activity has students explores their feelings, behaviors and understand the connection between what they feel and how they act. Using a thunderstorm this exercise will demonstrate how emotions drive behavior. 

Educator ready discussion materials including a variety of video and audio options for immersive experiances. 

A Student Favorite, This Activity Also Teaches Students:

  • Introduction to Emotional Regulation 
  • Emotions aren't Good or Bad  
  • Open sharing within an exciting and whole class activity 


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