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Emotional Classroom

You want me to have an EMOTIONAL CLASSROOM...Huh?

Apr 25, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Admin

Welcome back to the EMOTIONAL Classroom Blog.

I know,  I know, you think we may have made a mistake with this one.  We've titled our classroom, The EMOTIONAL classroom.  I'm sure in your head you might be saying, "Lori, no one wants to be thought of as "Emotional." I know, I've heard it, "She was SO emotional...." 

Well, stay with me and maybe I will change your mind.

I'm here to tell you that the word "Emotional" is getting a bad rap.  After all, we all have emotions. Every day, almost every minute of our waking moments, we feel.  Even those who can't express, or can't label, or can't manage, have thousands of emotions running through them.  

Emotions.  All the time.

So what gives then?  Why all the negatives toward the emotions?  Well, we think it is as simple as this. 

Emotions are scary bad things when they bring on scary big behaviors that can't be managed. Emotions are scary bad things when they bring on exciting big behaviors that can't be managed. Emotions are scary bad things when they bring on "Shut down" behaviors that can't be managed. Seeing a pattern yet?  It isn't the emotions, it's the behavior.  The "Emotional" in all of us is getting the bad rap when really, it is the behavior that is making us think the emotions are bad.  

Emotions make us the colorful and unique people we are, even when they aren't positive.

So let's change the way we are looking at this and go ahead and look at being "emotional" as a compliment.  You are a person FULL of emotions!  Well, thank you!

So back to your emotional classroom.  We love that you have a classroom full of emotions and once you learn the tools to help your students manage those emotions, you'll love them too!  

You can.  You can take a classroom full of emotions and manage them.  

The first step in this process is to start to look at the behaviors of your students, or your children, in a new way.  Their behavior is telling you that there is an emotion that isn't being managed. 

So take the first step with me and start looking at this process in yourself.  The next time you lose your cool, think about what you feel, and why you feel it.  Then realize that the emotion you just acknowledged is really driving your "loss of cool."  Next, don't think of yourself as negative for not managing the emotion, instead, find a strategy to manage how you feel.  Take a walk if you can, take a deep breath, get something to drink, find a friend to talk to, pet your dog...You get the idea.

The key to what I am saying is this:  You aren't a negative person for your negative emotions.  You can't be happy all the time.  What you can do is find the right strategy to manage the negative emotion so it doesn't turn into a negative behavior.

Next up...Let's add the reason behind the emotion.....

Stay tuned and stay connected.






Written by Admin