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Emotional Classroom

Hello, and welcome to the Emotional Classroom

Apr 18, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Admin posted in Emotions, Behaviors, Classroom Management


Let's exchange a few pleasantries and then get onto the business of emotions!

I'm Lori.  Most of the time it will be my voice you will be reading.  You'll also hear from Steve from time to time.  


This is me
This is me
This is Steve
This is Steve


Important info about us: We aren't writers. I will guarantee a misplaced comma or sentence fragment from time to time. I can envision a rant or two on an issue that is really important. We hope that you'll forgive us that.  We are real live people who aren't afraid to tell you what we think and hope that our words and our work will help you to change the lives of your kids and your students. That's the big goal here.  

For almost 8 years we've been on a path to support kids who have challenging behavior. In an upcoming blog that Steve will write (although he doesn't know it yet), we'll tell you all about the history of the program we developed that set us on our path.  

But for now, I'll leave it at this.  The kids for whom we work have it tough.  They are amazing kids but their emotions get the better of them and their behavior tells that story.  We want to rewrite their stories by helping them manage their emotions so they can manage their own behaviors.

It's simple really.  Emotions Drive Behavior. 

Ready to hear more?  

Coming up.....All about emotions....stay tuned.

One last thing...We want to hear from you.  Ask us questions or tell us what you think as long as you are kind.  This is a totally inclusive classroom!




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