KidConnect Pricing 2017

Emotional Regulation is the Foundation of Social Emotional & Academic Learning

Everyone has emotions
teach your students how to manage theirs 

To start we recommend you begin with KidConnect Classroom premium subscriptions (Specialist or Class) to work with all of your students. They both come with a FREE 1-month trial so you can cancel at any time. Start now and join teachers all over the world who are teaching emotional regulation.

KidConnect Classroom is a iPad app:

  • Educators add a powerful tool to capture and organize student behavioral observation and data collection.
  • Students get a self-driven app to help them walk through an behavior incident right in the moment.
  • Students benefit from simple reflective steps in the app to identify feelings and learn new coping strategies.
  • KidConnect creates a personalized emotional route to teach students new strategies to manage their behavior and learn life skills for next time. 
  • Reports to analyze progress and help you & your team pull it all together.