KidConnect for the iPad

Manage Your Emotions to Achieve Success

Unlike anything else on the market, KidConnect teaches children to identify their emotions when they happen. Kids make connections between their emotions and their behavior. Kids learn coping skills to manage their emotions which allows them to exhibit appropriate behavior in classrooms, at home, and in life.  

Available on the App Store
Available on the App Store

KidConnect is Packed with Simple and Useful Features

Instant video
  • Captures real time video of student behaviors to promote student learning
  • Choose photos from KidConnect stock library
  • Create custom rewards. strategies, personal schedules and behaviors
  • Data is captured and sortable for reporting and charting progress
  • Daily assessments allow teachers to monitor progress quickly and easily
  • Animated male and female characters portray feelings for easy self identification by students
"KidConnect for the iPad is easy to use and kids love it!  With a little prep work on your end, KidConnect will be a dynamic tool for your students and a time saver for you." 
Steve Peck
Founder The Connection Model
Special Education Teacher


Step 1.  Identify your students

KidConnect student driven interaction empowers students to take control of their emotions and behavior
KidConnect's student driven interaction
empowers students to take control of
their emotions and behavior

You no doubt have a few students who are in need of a lot of support to understand and manage their emotions.  Select one or two to begin.

Step 2.  Identify Behaviors and Emotions

With any behavior modification program, you want to target specific behaviors.  With KidConnect you will do the same, but you will also try to target the specific emotions you think are driving the behavior.  

Step 3.  Set up

We developed KidConnect to be teacher friendly and easy to use. In under 15 minutes you'll be up and running.

Launch the app on your iPad.

  • Grab some pictures or video of student behaviors and place them into the KidConnect app.  
  • Link these behaviors with the emotions that you believe they are dealing with, but are struggling to recognize and regulate.
  • Finally, provide them with some strategies that are realistic for your school environment.  

Step 4.  Introduce KidConnect to your student(s)

What we’ve done is to show KidConnect to our students and then take them through the route.  We’ve told them that we will be using it when they need support to manage their emotions in the classroom.  We let them know that we won’t be talking them through it unless they ask, and that it will take them a few minutes and then they are finished.

Step 5.  Ready to Go!

Did you see or hear a target behavior?  Pull out the iPad, launch KidConnect and hand it to your student.  Once they have finished, email the summary to yourself, your team or to the parents.  Put the iPad away and back to work.  No discussions needed.  You’ve got the data on the iPad for when you need it.  

Let KidConnect teach students to regulate their emotions so you can focus on academics!