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KidConnect Clubhouse

Welcome to the Clubhouse!
This is where you find information, thoughts
and ideas on Emotional Regulation. Plus how to teach it to your students.  Come on in. We hope you'll stay a while. 

All of the Information You Need in One Place

KidConnect  clubhouse is your one stop for up to the minute information. How to teach all of your students to understand and manage their emotions.  Emotional regulation is the key to developing students who are ready to learn. You don't have the time so let the KidConnect Team is here to help you. 


KidConnect Guide

Educator's Go-To-Resource 


Learn In the moment for change. KidConnect Classroom for the iPad guide provides information on the basics, FAQs, and more.  Get tips and information on setting up, optimizing observations and data collection. The information you need to support your students using KidConnect Classroom.

Student Activities

Keeping it Simple 


If you want kids to learn to manage their emotions, you make it part of their classroom day. The KidConnect Team created simple exercises, SEL skill builders, and fun activities for you to quickly add teaching emotional regulation to your students. A little added to your classroom every day makes a big difference.

User Guide

 District Solutions

School Programs 


Pilot, Ramp-Up, and District

Interested in a grade or school wide roll outs? The Connections Model has a variety of options to help your team create school wide emotional regulation solutions for both students and educators. 

KidConnect Community

Global Help Network 




There are educators all over the world that are dealing with similar issues to yours. Connect with others and share your tips, challenges, jokes, whatever you’ve got. Being on a team really helps, because it takes all of us to make a difference.

District Programs