School Year 2019 -2020

 KidCOnnect Ready2Learn SEL Curriculum K-6

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) for Grades K-6






KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum teaches emotional regulation


Teach your students to become their own emotional managers with clear, easy-to-use lesson plans and ready-to-use classroom tools.

The KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum teaches emotional regulation, enabling all students to develop the relevant social and emotional skills necessary for long-term academic success in the classroom and beyond.


With KidConnect Ready2Learn Curriculum students learn:

  • To identify, understand, and manage their emotions
  • The critical link between emotions and behaviors
  • To manage emotions using personalized strategies and mindfulness techniques






A strong SEL curriculum teaches emotional regulation so students are able to manage their emotions, engage with classmates and their academics.  

Only then, are your students able to become enthusiastic learners who show empathy for others, can build relationships, and make good decisions.

Ready2Learn students are Ready4Life.


SEL Skill Areas




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