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KidConnect for the iPad

Manage Your Emotions to Achieve Success

Unlike anything else on the market, KidConnect teaches children to identify their emotions when they happen. Kids make connections between their emotions and their behavior. Kids learn coping skills to manage their emotions which allows them to exhibit appropriate behavior in classrooms, at home, and in life.  


    KidConnect is
    Easy to Use in the Classroom

    Students process their behavior independently

    Keeps kids in class, maximizing their learning time

    Collects rich set of data about incidents and
    analyzes student behaviors over time

    Simple to setup and fully customizable for each student 

    Supports up to six students per iPad


    The DESK System.jpg

    Determine the Issues
    Emotions Involved
    Strategies to Move Forward
    Keep Yourself Regulated

    The Desk system is designed to allow students who struggle to understand their emotions and keep their behavior regulated, in class and ready to learn.  Using the DESK system will afford students the activities necessary to begin to determine the their underlying issues.  They will also use activities designed to assist them with understanding their emotions which is critical for self regulation.  The ability to understand specific emotions is important as it allows for the pairing a specific strategy to a specific emotion. Successful strategies will ensure that students have the tools to keep themselves regulated going forward. This ensures students who are ready to learn!