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Teaching Emotional Regulation Using KidConnect

Life Skills for Success and Less Stress for Everyone

KidConnect Classroom is an iPad app used by students to manage their emotions in the moment. This section of the KidConnect Clubhouse is focused on the Student Data Collected and Reporting from KidConnect Classroom and incorporating it for your needs, activities, and time. 




Using Reporting

KidConnect Classroom automatically collects, organizes and collelates indivual student data from Teacher Observations and Student Incidents. 

Use the built in report viewer to quickly explore a student's behavior. Filter by student, date, or class to help identify trends.

Export student data for more advanced analysis using Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Tablua or any data tool which supports CSV format.




Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do I export and share the data?
Open the Report tab first then select a student or run a report on all your students. All report data is divided by Student Incident and Teacher Observation.
Next, select Email CSV, which stands for Comma Separated Values, is a standard format almost all data analysis tools use and support importing this data type.

Now follow the steps to select which Student(s), what Time Period, and for which Class(es) you are interested in analyzing and sharing.  Once you have made your selections it will attach the CSV file to an email. 
Once the data has been exported you save it. Tip write down its folder location, sometimes the file is automatically saved to Downloads.
Next, open Google Sheets and start a new spreadsheet. Then under File select Import and find the CSV file you saved.
Once it has been imported it into Google Sheets more advanced analysis is possible such as graphing student data and filtering.


How do I make a graph of the student data?

Using Google Sheets and once imported (for details see How do I export & share the data?) 


First, we need to manipulate the data using a Pivot Table.




What should I be looking for in the student data?
KidConnect data is full of useful information on your students and the reasons for their difficulties managing their emotions.
KidConnect is teaching your students to identify their emotions to different events and situations and then is connecting those events to their behavior.
For you, KidConnect is showing you the events, classes, activities and even the time of day your student is experiencing difficulty with an event or situation. Once you start to see a pattern, you can look a little deeper into different events. For us, this is always eye-opening!
Before KidConnect we would have to either take data or support our students' emotional needs. Now, we have a tool that helps us understand them better and helps them to better understand themselves. Huge!
How do I analyze the before and after behavior of my student using KidConnect?
One of the reasons that we suggest you spend a few days compiling a baseline, is so you can see the before intervention using KidConnect and the after.
We have seen almost an immediate behavioral change for many students using KidConnect. Some of our students have taken months to show improvement.
It truly depends on the individual needs of the students. However, from the data collected by the app, you will be able to see the number of incidents and their cause. Over time and with continued use, you will see positive growth in your students emotional regulation skills. 

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