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Student Incidents

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Teaching Emotional Regulation Using KidConnect

Life Skills for Success and Less Stress for Everyone

KidConnect Classroom is an iPad app used by students to manage their emotions in the moment. This section of the KidConnect Clubhouse is focused on student incidents using KidConnect Classroom and incorporating it for your needs, activities, and time. 



Using Incidents 

When kids use KidConnect Classroom to work through a situation, they are fundamentally changing the way they manage their behavior. In real time, they are prompted to review the event and uncover the emotion that led to the behavioral incident.

They are able to do this by speaking or typing their responses to five simple questions. Instead of having to verbally process the situation with an adult, they are able to privately, and often independently, reflect upon their behavior. Once they are finsihed the incident is over. They have processed it, and chosen a future strategy for behavior change.

Grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Theory, this easy process will enable students to make real changes to their behaviors by identifying and pairing their emotions to their behaviors. It is simple and effective. 


Video of Walk Through Here

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is there a better way to hand KidConnect Classroom to my student?
One of the reasons that we suggest you talk about emotions and KidConnect in your classroom is so it isn't "bad" to be using the app. Once you take the focus off of "bad or negative" behavior and you put it on emotions, you are able to shape kids views of each other. In turn, handing the iPad to your student can just be as easy as, handing your student the iPad, making eye contact, and letting them use it. You're telling your student they have an unmanaged emotion to discover. You aren't making a value judgment on their behavior. We have a great comment from a teacher user" I use the app myself, in front of the kids, on purpose, to show them that even I need help sometimes. It's really helped them to see it."
Why does this work? What is the App doing?


 Here's what we know. Emotions Drive Behaviors. The root of all behaviors can be found the emotions that arise from the different events in our day. Many of your students don't know how to manage their emotional reactions to events, which leads to "big" behaviors. KidConnect helps them to identify the "big" behavior, and then pair the event with the emotion that led to the "big" behavior. Then, they are prompted to "repair" the emotion to a more appropriate behavior. That process creates new neural pathways in the brain which over time and with practice, can change the students understanding and reactions to emotions. They will come to understand their emotions and in turn, be able to manage the behaviors that arise. 

Should I still be adding pictures of the student?
Having a real-time photo or video of the student engaged in the behavior you are targeting is the best way we have found to help them to understand it. Is it necessary to keep adding new behaviors? No, it isn't. However, we think it is helpful and so we encourage you to add them when you can. It also helps keep things "fresh" for your students which can have a positive impact on their use.
What do I do after the student completes an Incident?
 Once your student has completed the route, they will be prompted in the app to return the iPad to you. You can pick it back up, and move on! The app has stored the data for you so you don't need to do anything further. When you are ready, you can take a look at the recap of the incident and decide if you want to share it with other team members or even the student's parents. What we do suggest though is to resist the desire to revisit the situation with the student. You have the information and your student did the work. It is far better to let the situation end and use the app again if it arises. True behavior change takes time. Be patient!

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